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A New Community Fostering Growth and Innovation in Digital Marketing

"Search 'n Stuff" Project

Founded by Yagmur Simsek, "Search 'n Stuff" meetups and conferences are an energetic and all-embracing community tailored to empower digital marketers, startups, in-house teams, and professionals in the realms of both organic and paid search, as well as the wider spectrum of 360° marketing. Our mission centers on establishing a nurturing space for individuals to connect, exchange insights, and work together for collective advancement.


Specialized sessions for attendees to engage in focused discussions, share experiences, and build connections.

Networking Events

Networking sessions and interactive gatherings for attendees to connect and exchange ideas."


Interactive and educational sessions that offer hands-on learning experiences, enabling participants to acquire practical skills and in-depth knowledge on specific topics or tools.


"Search 'n Stuff" emerging conference is set to be a dynamic hub for marketers, tech-savvy professionals, and digital enthusiasts.

Our Journey

A Community for All

The journey to establishing "Search 'n Stuff" began with transformative experiences at SEO meetups and conferences. These encounters exposed us to a diverse and inclusive search community, inspiring personal and professional growth. Recognizing the need for a more accessible and all-encompassing platform, we launched the "Search 'n Stuff" project in April 2023. "Search 'n Stuff" meetups are not limited to search marketers alone. We aim to include workshops tailored for startups, other businesses and their marketing teams as well. This inclusive approach seeks to share expertise and foster success among professionals of all levels and businesses of all sizes.

What began as a concept for periodic dinner networking events has evolved into a diverse and engaging series of gatherings.

Plans for 2024

What’s Next?

As a “Search ‘n Stuff” community, we have ambitious plans for the future. Our primary focus is on organising the first-ever “Search ‘n Stuff Conference 2024“. This event will explore fresh perspectives on various concepts within the marketing industry. We welcome speaker applications to ensure a diverse range of voices and insights, with the goal of turning the Search ‘n Stuff Conference into a remarkable reality.

For more information about “Search ‘n Stuff” and upcoming events, please contact us at searchnstuff@gmail.com or simply follow our LinkedIn page. Stay connected and be part of this exciting community dedicated to nurturing growth and innovation in marketing.

How Can People Get Involved in "Search 'n Stuff"?

In addition to the conference announcement for 2024, we will also be organising prior meetups and networking days in different cities, including London, Berlin, Istanbul, Lisbon, as well as online workshop sessions for the community. We are actively seeking individuals who want to contribute to the project. Opportunities for involvement include:
  • Social media posts and design
  • Partnership communications for sponsorships and venues
  • Website content support
  • Support through Buy Me a Coffee: Link
  • Conference success managers
We are also on the lookout for passionate individuals ready to inspire and educate our audience. If you have valuable insights and innovative ideas to share, join us as a speaker and be part of our mission to shape the future of search and strategy. We are seeking speakers to share digital marketing insights and strategic approaches in areas such as:
  • Organic Online Growth
  • E-commerce Innovations
  • Fintech Advancements
  • Cybersecurity Best Practices
  • AI and Machine Learning Breakthroughs
  • Entrepreneurship and Startup Success Stories
  • Wellness & Hospitality Trends
Please contact us at searchnstuff@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming a part of the “Search ‘n Stuff” community. Join us in fostering growth and innovation in the world of digital marketing!
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